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Giant Steps is a Fairfield family-owned and managed Toy Store and Art Crafting Studio. Owned by Howie Greenspan – an Osborne Hill, Jennings, Fairfield Woods, and Andrew Warde Alumni – and managed by his mother, Sheila Greenspan, who is known as Mrs. G.

Giant Steps might be “Mom and Pop,” but our prices are not! We are actually affiliated with one of the largest independent online sellers on the internet. Our volumes will show in our pricing. Compare us to other in-town stores. We are across the board 10-40% less on virtually everything. We keep our prices in line to major mass retailers – and a ton more convenient and way better selection. This is a GIANT STEP for retail.

This new, state of the art store features 100% Eco-recycled flooring, low voltage, and energy efficient lighting set to timers to save energy. Even the Giant Steps sign in front and back uses low wattage, LED technology. We only use paper bags, if you’d like a bag at all!

Giant Steps’ ceiling was decorated by local North Stratfield School Elementary students as part of their art curriculum. They designed, sketched, and painted their masterpieces for all to see. A donation was made on their behalf to the school PTA. In addition to the N.S.S. tiles, Giant Steps hosted a free community event where customers were allowed to decorate their own tiles to be hung in the store.

Give us a call: 1-203-873-0755

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